On APRIL 7, 2020 @ approx. 10:35 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME.  We will see the Pink Moon. The nickname Pink Moon comes from the signs of spring specifically the Pink Phlox or aka Pink Moss. 

The pink moon will glow in the night skies. At this point it will be nearest to the earth. At Thorns and Thistles I will be enhaling and diffusing Jasmine Essential oil.

Jasmine is ruled by the Moon. The element for Jasmine is water. This is a great time to use your affirmations and use water as its conductor. If you are not familiar with these rituals, you can reach out to me. 

Jasmine is called the King of flowers. In some cultures Jasmine is symbolic of women although, it has a masculine energy. Jasmine is so powerful and it affects your emotional senses. Making it excellent for love formulas. Like my Sexx bomb inspired by Lush or my Love by the moon with Jasmine and Rose essential and fragrance oils blend. Jasmine is calming, soothes the nerves. lifts the spirits and relaxes your body. Be careful with enhaling and visualization with Jasmine due to its abilities to heighten sexual desires. Jasmine's divine energy can enhance a woman's sexual abilities that have been affected by menopause and other hormonal changes. 

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