• How to use our Coffee Scrubs

    How to use Thorns and Thistles All natural Coffee scrub
  • DIY is on the rise

    Do- it- yourselfers means the act, practice or hobby of making building, repairing or prepping etc. As far as the natural beauty, gardening and nat...
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is breast cancer awareness month. Our focus to shine more light on breast health and overall wellness.

    On APRIL 7, 2020 @ approx. 10:35 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME.  We will see the Pink Moon. The nickname Pink Moon comes from the signs of spring specif...
  • Skin Loving Breakfast smoothie-Anti-aging

    Hello We all have busy and hectic lives. But, we can't skip on our health and nutrition. Why should our bodies and specifically our skin take the b...
  • One of my go-to breakfast smoothies

    Hello there, I would like to share one of my favorite breakfast smoothies with you, as promised if you sign up for my newsletters. This smoothie ha...
  • Come in and learn a little bit about us

    I take a holistic approach to my business. You can't help the body without helping the mind and the spirit right along with it.