Aromas for the day-Monday

Happy Monday

The scents for the day are Jasmine, Lemon and Sandalwood.

It is still Spring so the scent for spring remains Daffodil, Jasmine, Rose any thing sweet for new beginnings. 

so back to the scent of the day.

Jasmine-is ruled by the Moon and its element is water. The majic is in what it influences which is love, peace, spirituality, sex, sleep and lucid dreams.

Jasmine is so beautiful because it lifts the spirits, helps with depression, settles the nerves. Jasmine is so calming and is so powerful by affecting our emotional centers. 

Lemon is ruled by the Moon as well and its element is water. you can inhale her fresh scent and maintain health along with conventional medicine. This lively scent gets rid of sluggishness, and can be a great substitute for coffee. It can also stimulate the central nervous system. It is also an aroma of purification. Don't use directly on the skin. We have essential oils, body butters, etc. We can custom blend for you. 

Finally we get to Sandalwood- parts used are the wood and the essential oil. Also ruled by the Moon and element water. It helps in meditation, spirituality, healing and sex.

Sandalwood is woodsy and warm. Its soothing aroma lulls the conscious mind and prepares us for rituals of all kinds. inhale pure sandalwood prior to meditation. To speed healing add a few drops of essential oil to your bath water and visualize your recovery. 



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