Aromas of the day-Tuesday

Aroma of the day for Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars.

Basil, Coriander, Ginger and Nasturtium. Are influenced by the element Fire.

Basil- has a rich and spicy scent, it has mind-clearing properties. Those may be familiar with pesto. This spicy odor can perfume the air. In the west indies, basil is soaked in water and scented liquid is sprinkled around stores to attract buyers and good luck. The smell of basil takes away my sorrows and make a man merry and glad. which was once quoted. So when you are next hit wiht the blues, call upon the energy of basil. Basil has long been associated with money in folk magic. The scent is said to relieve headaches and stimulates the appetite. 

Coriander-The fresh leaves are added to Mexican and Southeast Asian cooking. This has a pungent taste and odor. it is good for memory, love and healing.  The scent is also helpful in relieving headaches. 

Ginger- Parts used fresh root and essential oil. Majic for energy, sex, love, money and courage. The spicy zingy scent as been used to create sexual energy. For centuries ginger has been used for love rituals throughout Asia. Ginger was once worth more its weight in gold. Ginger also promotes courage, confidence and aggression when self surviival is necessary. 

Nasturtium-the fresh flowers are used. The majic is in physical energy and protection. The flowers are edible. The scent of the burning flowers, can drive snakes away 

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