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Hello all:

I would to welcome you to my blog. I am the owner and artist of Thorns and Thistles, for natural skin and hair care products. I use botanically based ingredients such as herbs, flowers, essential oils, natural oils, and creams created from nuts and nut butters. I will have teas for you to drink to strenghten the hair, and herbal teas to rinse you hair. I was hard to me to set up this site, because I like to create verses having the sane products available that looks the same each time. So what that being same, I may change colors of products, change scents, change ingredients,, and even the colors of the jars, and bottles will change. I use nature as my playground and my inspiration comes from the environment around me. As the seasons change my raw ingredients make change. My products are eco-friendly and seek to save the planet's resources whenever I can. I like to package with minimal plastic etc. I try to use organic ingredients when possible, but they can be more costly, so my conventional ingredients are souced from ethical suppliers. I hope you are able to stay a while, grab a cup of herbal tea and sit and enjoy. I love to share ideas about health and wellness which is my passion as well right along side gardening. I take a holistic approrach with my business. You can't help the body without helping the mind and the spirit right along with it. Come back and see us from time to time. We will also partner up with like minded businesses and great causes from time to time. 


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