DIY is on the rise

Do- it- yourselfers means the act, practice or hobby of making building, repairing or prepping etc. As far as the natural beauty, gardening and natural living side of things that is my focus. I love to save money where I can, and the beauty is that I made it myself. Now, this doesn't just include my natural beauty and wellness business being mostly handmade. I mean every aspect of my life. I love to grow my own food and use my homegrown herbs for soaps, scrubs, bath soaks etc. 

At times, the thought of selling my fresh herbs to local markets and restaurants come to mind. That may happen in the near future. My goal is to move Thorns and Thistles to a homestead out in the countryside. The joy that comes from working in nature is priceless. Now during uncertain times in world history, I think that someone quoted 80% increase in gardening during the 2020 summer season. You can certainly see why. The natural beauty and body care business is not exception. I have seen bodycare business pop of everywhere. Some people were laid off, downsized or let go from work. I have seen so many people try their hand at natural products over my 20 years history of making natural products. I say the more options out there, give people a wide range of choices. There is enough for everyone to go around. 

Thorns and thistles we stand by our committment to the very best ingredients that the earth offers to us. We do not cut corners and pride ourselves only giving the best products to our customers. 

We are always looking to network with other businesses, as well as suppliers of the best raw natural ingredients from all over the globe. 

If you are a Do-it-yourselfer and would love to learn how to make simple products, reach out to us. Also, we will be putting together packages at Thorns and Thistles of simple projects for the beginner is making natural products. Be on look out for new and exciting things to come for us. 

Herbally yours,





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