How to use our Coffee Scrubs

How to use our COFFEE SCRUBS.....We have several ways that you can use our coffee scrub. Our coffee scrub is designed to remove dead skin cells to reveal beautiful soft skin. You can take a bath in the tub, take a small amount of coffee scrub and apply to your skin while bathing, before or after soap application. I recommend using our liquid castile soap to soak in or one of our handmade all natural soaps. Thorns and Thistles soaps do not strip your skin. Then, after you use soap or not, apply the scrub and rub it in towards your heart in a circular motion. Some people can use scrubs in the sensitive areas. While others can not but, rest assure all of our ingredients are gentle and natural. The second way to use our coffee scrub is in the shower. Apply a small amount to wet skin and rub in as gentle or add a little pressure to exfoliate the skin more. Once you rinse off, you will feel a nice smooth feeling and you may not need to apply a lotion or handmade body butter. A little coffee scrub goes a long way. Another way is to apply the coffee scrub to a small area, like your arms, legs, or feet only. Our coffee scrub is made with real coffee, so test a small amount in your shower or bath. It will get a little messy but, clean up is a snap. Reach out to us at Thorns and Thistles, if you need any support. Either way get your scrub on.....

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