Spring is in the air

Hey Guys

I can't believe how fast the time flies. I really miss posting in my blog. Trying to keep up on social media, customers and life. But I will say that I have been so anxious to play in the garden. Actually, I have been playing all winter. Thankfully I received an awesome xmas gift from my husband of cold frames. The cold frames allowed me to garden all winter. I usually take soil bags and rubbermaid containers and work some magic. But this year I gardened under glass. My wish is a huge greenhouse. So big that it is like a heaven and place of peace. A walk in one with chairs, lights and electricity to enjoy some warm tea. 

I can't stop ordering seeds and picking up seed packets where ever I go. Speaking of seeds.........

BTW I am a trueleaf ambassador and i'm soooo happy. What do that mean?

Basically I earn points with my purchases and get to share the products. This is my referral link below. I would appreciate it, if you copy and paste the code into your browser. 


I am so excited to bring my soap projects online. I made some nagchampa soap that is listed already. Ylang Ylang and lime is still curing. look for that one soon. 

Well as always,

love from nature and your girl,


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