Holistic Nursing Services

Holistic Nursing Services 

Charisse D. Roberts RN  

Nurse Coach 

When was the last time you practiced self-care? Do you need a neutral party to bounce ideas around with?  Are you in need of a change in your life? Are you feeling burned out and need a reboot? Are you at cross-roads related to your health and wellness? Maybe you are overwhelmed and need to regroup. 

Most of us are trying to achieve work-life balance. I help you navigate the health-care industry with a holistic approach.  I am the perfect bridge between traditional medicine and natural healing. I offer consultations monthly, weekly and daily. I can coach you regarding your health and wellness needs. We will take a mind, body and spiritual approach to healing.  

All areas of our lives play a role in our overall health.  

Maybe you are looking for help for a family member? 

I offer patient advocacy services. What does a patient advocate do outside of the healthcare setting? 

Independent patient advocates assist with appointments and minimize the confusion that a health crisis can bring.  

I offer in person patient advocacy local in Central VA only. Telehealth with online conference call applications is available for clients. I can do conference calls with your loved ones to help families navigate difficult issues. 

I perform wellness or welfare checks in person or over the phone. You may have to take time off or take a vacation.  

Additional Services available but not limited to: 

Fresh pressed juices and or smoothies local only. 

Wholefood plant-based nutrition and raw vegan foods, local only 

Aromatherapy, hand and scalp massages with lavender (great for children, palliative, hospice and dementia patients) 

Guided imagery and journaling  

Natural handmade skincare customized 

My background is a Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse, I have a compact license in the state of Virginia.  

I have studied Holistic Healing and Wellness with Dr. Christopher and Clayton School of Natural Healing. I have completed certifications in Master Herbalist, Aromatherapy and Legal Nurse Consultant. 

I am a member of the American Holistic Nursing Association. I am a life-long learner and take continuing education courses annually. 

I am an avid gardener and incorporate nature in my practice.