Brightening Turmeric Sugar Scrub

Brightening Turmeric Sugar Scrub

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Brightening benefits and evens skin tone.

Great for all skin types and formulated for use with hyperpigmentation. 

Wonderful for dark spots in the folds of skin, knees, elbows and groin area.

Made with pure cane sugar, Emulsified wax (to bind plant based oils, waxes and butters) beeswax,  vitamin E, Sunflower oil, coconut oil and a proprietary blend of essential oils 

Lavender, lemon 🍋 and bergamot. 

8 oz jar

Test a small area on your skin before applying to wet clean skin.

The turmeric root powder can stain wash clothes etc. Use a loofah will add excellent benefits. 

Lotion and body butter application is optional afterwards. 

Pair with our cold-press turmeric soaps.