Candle Tarts-Wickless  Wax Melts
Candle Tarts-Wickless  Wax Melts

Candle Tarts-Wickless Wax Melts

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If you are a fan of candle tarts, wax melts or products like scentsy etc. Then these tarts are for you. It is like having a wickless candle. The pack is a set of 2. The current scents will vary from time to time and season to season. We do not make full size candles to sell at this time. But, there is a partnership in the works. Because we love to focus on Skin & Hair care, Wellness. 

Descriptions of Scents.

Clear Ocean waters smells like a cool ocean breeze from the view of your beach house

Sensual by Pink Sugar type is warm and sexy

Rose Spice - Rose floral undertones and a hint of Spice.

Pumpkin Spice-Not Pictured Available now. Smells like a cool fall day with some yummy treats to eat inside.