Herbs in mason jars
Herbs in mason jars

Herbs in mason jars

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We are all about sustainability, nature and herbs. So we packaged these lovely herbs, roots, flowers in 8 oz mason jars. 

Our bodies are designed to heal itself with proper care, love, healing and the supplement of herbs.

Our herbs can be used as a tea, a blend of your own, in a tincture or anything your mind can imagine. 

There is a selection of herbs, flowers, roots to select from. The selection will updated often so please feel free to revisit this page. 

  1. Horsetail-benefits the skin, hair and nails
  2. Lavender-calming for aromatherapy and a small amount added to tea blends for sleep and relaxation
  3. Hibiscus-benefits skin, plant protein, brain health, vitamin c can help with immunity, blood pressure and can reduce body fat
  4. Blue lotus-magical and spiritual goals for inner visions, helps intuition and a deeper connection to spirit
  5. Peppermint-great for an upset stomach, gas, improves digestion and helps relieve a headache
  6. Comfrey-has been use for inflammation, sprains and bruises
  7. Lemon balm-helps with stress and anxiety, improves sleep, appetite and indigestion.
  8. Calendula-helps with inflammation, spasms and the ability to move lymph to remove toxins from the body. Also, great additive in skin and hair care.
  9. Rose buds-great antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamin c, reduces stress, the flower of love and promotes overall health.
  10. Horsetail-helps with swelling and fluid retention, can benefit kidney stones and gallstones, From my folklore reading horsetail for used for incontinence and bed wetting.
  11. Alfalfa-The father of herbs because it's root system that runs deep and picks up the minerals in the earth. A good source of vitamin K. So if you are taking blood thinners please consult your physician.
  12. Marshmallow Root-can be used for ulcer, skin and hair health, helps a sluggish metabolism. Can help reduce water retention

As always please do your own research and the herbs are not intended to diagnose or treat.