Lotion Bar aka Body Butter Bar
Lotion Bar aka Body Butter Bar

Lotion Bar aka Body Butter Bar

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       Our Lotion Bars also called Body Body Bars in the shape of a massage bar.

  • Designed to massage and be a moisturizer for total body care. 
  • For a stronger final scent please order matching perfume oil roll on.
  • The main purpose again is moisture and dryness protection. 
  • Ingredients- cocoa butter, Shea butter, jojoba oil and vegan floral wax or beeswax option,  and fragrance oil or essential oils.
  • Wash as usual pat your skin dry and run the bar all over your body.
  • A convenient way for a one-step moisturizing routine. 
  • Please store in a cool dry place. Butter can melt around extreme heat. 
  • Look for lotion bars in other shapes and sizes. 
  • These bars may vary in color due to essential oil or fragrance oils used.
  • Each bars comes in a beautiful sachet as a gift for your order.