Turmeric kombo soap
Turmeric kombo soap

Turmeric kombo soap

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Our turmeric kombo butter soap is designed to heal and help different skin conditions. 

Kombo butter has many benefits for the skin and hair.

Our Kombo butter is sourced from a fair trade company that supports women in remote villages of Ghana. Your purchase helps us support their impact and the ability to provide jobs for women. 

The formulation of our soaps are due in part to the need for cold-press soap to aid with hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is the discoloration of skin and our soaps can help even out skin tones. 

Each bar is approximately 4 oz 

Ingredients-a saponification of olive oil, coconut oil,  kombo butter and other exotic butters,  plant-based oils and turmeric root powder. 

Our products have been useful for eczema, dry skin conditions and psoriasis.